Books I’d Like as TV Shows

There have always been books I’ve read that I’ve thought, wouldn’t that be nice as a TV programme? I’ve decided to comprise a list of those such books and see if you agree.

The first book is Born Wicked by Jessica Spotswood. I have heard of hundreds of period dramas such as Downtown Abbey and Upstairs Downstairs, so why not do one with a little fantasy added to it? Jessica Spotswood described all the scenes perfectly for me to visualise it and imagine I was there. Also the graphics with the garden would be beautiful I bet so that would be like an added bonus.

The only problem is that I would be afraid of them changing the story too much. I’ve seen the Secret Circle TV show and it’s very loosely based on the plot which would worry me.

The other book is actually a series. The Alex Rider series. I know they did the first movie but they changed it quite a bit and got Alex Riders hair wrong as well as giving him a girl friend who must have travelled in time back from the second book. So I think the books should have a second chance as a TV show where each book could have it’s own series and have more detail. I would also love to see those fight scenes.

What do you think and what other books do you think would work well as a TV Show as well?

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