Alex Rider: Stormbreaker by Anthony Horrowitz

Title: Stormbreaker

Rating: Cup of TeaCup of TeaCup of TeaCup of Tea

Author: Alex Rider

Published by: Walker Books

Publication Date: 4th September 2000

Pages: 249

Genres: Teen/Adventure/Spy/Thriller/Mystery

Book Blurb:  When his uncle dies in suspicious circumstances, fourteen-year-old Alex Rider finds his world turned upside down.

Forcibly recruited into MI6, Alex has to take part in gruelling SAS training exercises. Then, armed with his own special set of secret gadgets, he’s off on his first mission to Cornwall, where Middle-Eastern multi-billionaire Herod Sayle is producing his state-of-the-art Stormbreaker computers. Sayle has offered to give one free to every school in the country – but there’s more to the gift than meets the eye.

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I used to be so jealous of Alex Rider, not because he’s lost people, that would be sad. But because he is a spy. For around four years of my life I have wanted to be a spy for the MI6 so one day my dad bought me and my twin the box set of these books. The first book was stunning. Yes it included lots of action though Anthony Horrowitz managed to get the balance right creating a realistic thriller. It focuses on Alex Rider and his experiences. His emotions are shown really well considering the way he was feeling was polar opposites.  Jack Starbright is Alex’s American housekeeper become guardian who I adore and you will see how awesome she is as you go along through the series.
Stormbreaker has been through many different covers though I have chosen the newest edition which I (after lots of sitting around flicking through tabs.) have decided is my favourite. It’s simplistic colouring, I thing, is very spy like.
A movie was made for this book, though it was an O.K film, like most book adaptations, they changed too many things. One of the smallest was Alex Rider’s hair colour, the biggest being…
If you want to carry on reading my rant on the movie then please make sure you have at least read this book. You do not need to read the whole series..

…the biggest change, for me, being that in the film Alex never even visited the Royal & General. They weren’t meant to go to Liverpool st. station and why on earth did Alex Rider jump on a horse with Sabrina? How on earth did that girl manage to time travel from the second book back to the first? It’s really beyond me how directors and screenplay writers choose to change these movies so  drastically. Why? It would have been a better film if they did it verbatim.

7 thoughts on “Alex Rider: Stormbreaker by Anthony Horrowitz

  1. I completely agree with you it does make the whole book confusing. But I think they did this because they knew there wouldn’t be a second movie any time soon if ever, so they incorporated some things from other books just to have a nice ending.

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    • Yeah. I see your point though. But it can also be very irritating as after watching the film several friends began reading the series and I had to keep explaining to them that they were different because they kept complaining the book was wrong. In actual fact the film was wrong.
      Thanks for your comment and I can see your point. They probably only signed over writes for the first book as well.

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      • I was still disappointed at the result of the movie though. It just wasn’t quite what I was expecting, although they did try to keep it in pace with the book. It just didn’t have the ‘feel’. If you get what I mean.


        • My friend watched the movie then the film and then the book and got a little confused so I suggest forgetting what you watched while you read the book. The film was good though but spoiled by the fact my mind kept going ‘this is wrong’ and ‘that didn’t happen’ ‘who came up with this?’ etc…


          • Yeah I will. I don’t plan on reading the book in a while though. I tried reading the first book and I don’t know, it got a bit boring for me? Or maybe I was just not in the right mood when I read it.


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