Book vs E-Books – Rants in My Pants

Books vs Ebooks

This months rant features the long ongoing debate, which is better? Books, or E books? Before we start I will point out my bias towards physical copies of books. I love books: the way they feel in your hands, the smell, the pleasure you get when walking into a book store and being able to study each book to decide the one that will come home with me. E books take away the entire process and could soon annihilate it. People are becoming so dependent on e books that book shops are having to close down all over. Also I have a huge collection of books, if I want them on my e book device I would have to re-buy every single chosen book I have (which is a lot). Also future books would have to go through the dilemma of physical or electronic? Which would I buy it on. I would only ever use the electronic version on holiday but then I would also want the physical copy for home. If you can’t charge your ebook then you can’t even read your books anyway.

This will be a very short rant ending with an infographic explaining why book are better than ebooks.


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