I know I should be doing a post today as a review but I haven’t had time. I have dedicated my weekend to reading The Hundred by Kass Morgan. It is epic and I am almost finished so I will probably put it up at the odd day as soon as the review is written.

Sorry again and I hope you still enjoy your week


Book vs Film characters

Half Wild First Chapter Excerpt

Read the first chapter of HALF WILD!

With six months to go until the publication of HALF WILD, here’s the first chapter. Sally would love to hear your feedback, so do tweet your reactions to @sa11egreen!

I found the excerpt on the Half Life Trilogy Site: Half Bad

If you haven’t read half Bad yet then I don’t suggest reading this as it would be a spoiler.



a new day

a crossbill calls

another bird replies, not a crossbill

the first bird takes over again

and again

the crossbill-

shit, it’s morning

i’ve been asleep

it’s morning, very early

shit, shit, shit

don’t panic

need to wake up                      need to wake up

can’t believe i’ve been asl-




the noise is here. HERE!



that level of noise means, oh shit, someone with a mobile is close. very close. shit, i can’t believe i’ve been asleep with Hunters on my tail. and her. the fast one. she was close last night.





it’s a mobile phone, for sure it’s a mobile phone. the noise is in my head, not in my ears, it’s to the upper right side, inside, constant, like an electrical interference, pure hiss, mobile hiss, loud, three or four meters away loud. SHIT! THINK! THINK!



ok right, lots of people have mobiles. if it’s a Hunter, that Hunter, and she could see me, i’d be dead by now.

i’m not dead

she can’t see me



the noise isn’t getting louder. she’s not moving closer. but she’s not moving away either.

am i hidden?

i’m lying on my side, face pressed into the ground. totally still. can’t see anything but earth.

got to move a little.

but not yet. think first. stay calm and work it out.

there’s no breeze, no sun, just a lightness. it’s early. the sun has to be behind the mountain still. there’s the smell of earth, the pine of the forest. the ground is cool, dry, no dew. there’s the smell of the forest and . . .  there’s another smell.

what is that smell?

and there’s a taste.

a bad taste. it tastes like . . . oh no-

don’t think about it

don’t think about it

don’t think about it

don’t think about it

think about something else

think about where you are

You’re lying on the ground, in the early morning and the air is cool. You’re cold. You’re cold because . . . oh shit, oh shit . . . you’re naked. You’re naked and the top half of you is wet. Your chest, your arms . . . your face are wet.

And you move the fingers of your left hand, the tiniest of movements, and they’re sticky. Sticking together. As if with drying, sugary juice. But it’s not juice.

don’t think about it

don’t think about it don’t think about it don’t think about it don’t think about it




You’ve got to move. The Hunters are close on your tail. That fast one was close. She was very close last night.

what happened last night?

what happened?





You can look, move your head a fraction to see more. The ground by your face is thick with pine-needles. Brown pine-needles. But the brown isn’t from the pine, it’s the colour of dried blood. You’re left arm is extended. It’s streaked in it, dried, brown. But your hand isn’t streaked in it, it’s thick with it. Sopping. Red

close your eyes

close your eyes

close your eyes




You need to go. Without thinking or looking or remembering. You need to go. For you’re own safety you have to get out of here. You need to get moving. Get away from here. You can find a stream and wash. Wash it all off.

The mobile phone is close, not changing. It won’t be coming closer.

You should look, check. Turn your head to the other side. You can do it. Look, check. . .

it looks like a log

Please be a log. Please be a log. Please be a log.


it’s not a log.

it’s a shape in black and red, with black boots and with two legs; one straight, one bent. legs dressed in black. black material covering the torso. light-brown hair. her hair. cut short. sopping with blood. her face is turned away.

she’s lying as still as a log

still wet

still oozing

not fast any more

the mobile phone is hers


and as you raise your head you see the wound that is her throat

and it is jagged and bloody and deep and


So what did you think? I, myself, cannot wait to read Half Wild. I am so excited right now that as I right this little paragraph I am literally jumping up and down in my seat and am about to reread Half Bad for the fourth time since I bought it.

Teaser Tuesday #2: 23.09.14

Teaser Tuesday

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This quote is from What If? by Randall Munroe. It is by the writer and cartoonist of XKCD

A little extra for those sciency or geeky people out there like me.

If you’re interested, here’s one of my favourite what if?’s Randall Munroe has done.


All the Money

People sometimes say “If I had all the money in the world …” in order to discuss what they would do if they had no financial constraints. I’m curious, though, what would happen if one person had all of the world’s money?

Daniel Pino

So you’ve somehow found a way to gather all the world’s money. We won’t worry about how you did it—let’s just assume you invented some kind of money-summoning magic spell.

Physical currency—coins and bills—represents just a small percentage of the world’s wealth. In theory, you could edit all the property records on Earth to say that you own all the land and edit all the banking records to say you own all the money. But everyone else would disagree with those records, and they would edit them back or ignore them. Money is an idea, and you can’t make the entire world respect your idea.

Getting all the world’s cash, on the other hand, is much more straightforward. There’s a certain amount of cash in the world—it’s about $4 trillion—and you want it all.

It won’t necessarily do anything for you, since—without the cooperation of the outside world—you probably won’t be able to spend it. But maybe you can swim around in it, like Scrooge McDuck in his giant room full of gold.

So you cast your magic spell and summon all the money.

The pile of cash is the size of the Empire State Building, but heavier. You probably don’t want to be standing under it, so let’s assume you’re standing over here, off to the side:

The vast majority of the weight in the pile is coins, and the biggest single contributor is the US penny. Despite periodic efforts to kill off the penny, the US Mint keeps producing more of them.

There are probably 150 billion pennies[1] currently in circulation, for a total weight of over 300,000 tons. In total, US coins and bills are responsible for about 30% of the pile’s weight, while the European Union—which has barely been minting coins for a decade—contributes 15%.

Unfortunately for you, the pile doesn’t stay a pile for long,[2] and what seems like a safe distance isn’t so safe.

In 1919, a tank of molasses in Boston collapsed. Molasses is thick, so you might think it would flow out slowly, but it didn’t. The wave of molasses swept down the streets too fast to outrun, demolishing buildings and killing 21 people.

Something similar happens with the pile of coins. As it collapses, the pile spreads outward, a wave of money carrying a staggering amount of momentum. The pennies, quarters, loonies, and euros scour the landscape in an expanding ring. Within seconds, the wave of coins engulfs you and you die.

There are ways to avoid this. You could, say, build a wall around the coins to contain them. Unfortunately, then you might face a problem worse than death:

Building code violations.

Heavy skyscrapers need ground strong enough to support them. Places with large skyscrapers, like those in Manhattan, need bedrock sturdy enough to hold them up.[3] A search through this giant PDF of NYC building codes suggests that if we went ahead with this plan, we would be in serious danger of violating section 1804 (“ALLOWABLE BEARING PRESSURES”).

Which makes me wonder: Did Scrooge McDuck ever have to worry about this stuff?

Surprise Post #1

What Makes you Want to Put a Book Down?

surprise post #1

(even I didn’t know it was going to happen!)

O.K so I’ve just gone into year ten and am starting coursework for GCSE’s. I have been so busy that I’ve barely read at all (unless you count revision books.) so I have decided to write about something I would like your opinions on. What makes you put a book down?

We’ve all done it, just admit it. At some point, for whatever reason, however big or small, we’ve decided that we can no longer read what we’re reading and put it down. I have therefore decided to create a list of some of those points. feel free to comment any points I may have missed out.

This blog was inspired by, believe it or not, an English teacher when we were looking at what makes a good book and they kept choosing the cliched opinions, some of which actually make me want to put the book down instead. So first of all, I did some research online about this topic and here were the statistics I found which I have found an info graphic on.

surprise post 1.1

surprise post 1.2

surprise post 1.3


So those are the statistics and opinions from goodreads. Here are a few of my pet peeves and other quirks. Just to say that even if it is included in the info graphic, if it is one of my pet peeves then it’s going in:

  • Way too many POVs and characters. I like reading from different Points of view and a good range of characetrs is nice but sometimes a writer goes overboard with the amount of point of views. Especially if you have around fifteen main characters which all switch points pov without telling you every paragraph or so.
  • Like a snail. If you want me to read your story make sure something i happening maximum by chapter five. By chapter five I expect there to at least be a build up instead of nothingness.
  • One thing that is rather stupid but I still don’t like is when a new character is introduced that makes the main character look stupid or just I don’t like them. in the middle of books new characters are sometimes added. If this happens during the first say five chapters when there is already an established group of main characters, I get annoyed thinking that the original MCs (main characters) are being ‘over thrown’. (By the way, I am slowly trying to get out of this habit and am rereading books in which I put them down because of this.)
  • Main male characters who make the female secondary or main characters seem overly weak and fragile. This seems to happen a fair amount of times in books with male leads and sometimes even female leads. This is when the male in the book will make the female seem stupid, weak, insignificant etc. And for some reason, people seem to like this thinking it makes the male seem strong. No. No it doesn’t. This doesn not happen all the time but happens enough to be added to this list.

Future Feature Ideas

In the future I may decide to add monthly wrap-ups and weekly sort of updates on the blog. Watch this blog to watch these ideas in development and comment any ideas for these I could include.

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