Top Ten Tuesday – 28.10.14

Top Ten Tuesday

Books and Movies To Read Or Watch To Get In The Halloween Spirit

Feature created by The Broke and the Bookish

  1. The first book has to be Shift by Em Bailey. It may not seem very ‘Horror’ like but I assure you it is. Especially if you’re reading this late at night into witching hour…
  2. The next is not scary or anything but it is in the fantasy genre and I’ve seen many people dress up as stuff on Halloween and it doesn’t have to be scary. So for number two it’s Half Bad by Sally Green. I bought this book a week after it was published. To be honest I had never heard anything about this book. I was just at the airport and needed a new book to read on a Greek beach.
  3. The next is Gone by Michael Grant. I think this gets you in the spirit of bad things happening I guess. I’m not sure. It’s mainly here because I read it all on Halloween before my friends came over.
  4. The fourth is the fifth mortal instruments book, purely because it’s got a lot of demonic themes.
  5. Fifth is the 100. Futuristic Post Apocalyptic genre could persuade some of you to dress up as robots? No? No takers? Very well.

By now you can probably tell that I haven’t read or watched a lot of horror. Thank the coward inside me for that.

6.  Next is Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor. Also based on a, sort of, demonic world.

7.  O.K I seem to be running out of ideas… O.K this is not themed on Halloween but it’s a tradition among friends that we watch it every year before going trick or treating. The film is The night before Christmas. I know it is a Christmas movie though it does have a slight Halloween feel to it.

O.K I’m sorry but I am an absolute scaredy cat and now cannot think of anything else to complete my list.

Comment your top ten, click the link in the title to the broke and the bookish or do the poll below and I’ll publish the results on Halloween where I’m going to do a sweetie haul video on YouTube which will also be my first!!!

2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – 28.10.14

    • Yeah, no I was just thinking of robots cause it was set in the future. In the book you don’t actually see any grounders till the final page. I know the name ’cause my friends tells me what’s going on. Hopefully Wells has a different ending to the tv show because he’s still walking for the moment.


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