The Book Geek

A little about me

  • I (obviously) love reading and writing stories.
  • Member on wattpad
  • I love my black and white cat lily.
  • I am addicted to tea, especially bubble tea (boba cha) which originated in Taiwan.
  • I would like to think I am good as art as I am taking Art and product design for GCSE.
  • I love going rock climbing and have lessons every week at a centre.
  • I love watching T.V, though of course books beat T.V any day.
  • Once I run out of books to read and I can’t buy any more, I go to wattpad.
  • #hiddlesbatch. 
  • I love Sherlock, Loki, Xavier(younger), Q(skyfall) and Simon Lewis. They all have in common a few things. They are clever and witty and their actors all come from parts of the United Kingdom.
  • My Favourite Genres are Fantasy and Dystopia. I am not so keen on historical fiction or scifi though I will read them. I do not read Non-fiction, wheres the imagination in that?
  • Tea and a good book gets me through a day. English tea in winter and boba cha cold in summer.
  • I am quiet till you get me, then you see the true me. =P
  • ’99 baby
  • Absolutely terrified of dogs.
  • I love cooking and baking!Popcorn Chicken 1
  • I am English and if any americans are reading this, do you know why there is a stereotype that americans love our accent. Or is this in fact not a stereotype but completely true? Please comment to me using ‘other’ as the subject


I think that that is everything I can think of right now. If there is anything I’ve missed then I’ll update the page.


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