All blog posts on this site are written by Ze Book Geek. If I use information from anywhere else it is always specified at the end of the blog post. All books reviewed are either bought or given to me. All my reviews are written honestly and fairly. I am not biased towards any view or answer in my reviews. No author or Publisher or PR company changed my view on a book. The review is what it is and may be edited when I want for my own reasons of changes opinion or other. The reasons do not always have to be told if i don’t want it to. All reviews are always cataloged on the index. I do not get any profit what-so-ever out of this blog.

If you would like me to review your book then please check out the review policy and read through the entire document. I am not to be held responsible for any confusion on the authors part. I have the right to deny your request though I will do my best to explain why.

If you would like to advertise on my page remember that I have the right to deny your request and do not have to give a reason why if I choose not to.

I do not get any money for writing these reviews as they are written in my spare time as a hobby.

The links to the books i review are always through amazon uk and waterstones. This is for no particular reason except that they were there so I linked to them. I am not responsible for any thoughts that I am being unfair. I am however biased towards choosing these companies as i have used them personally in the past. Though me using them in the past is just because they were there.

During the Monthly Rants in My Pants, all of my views are based on my opinion and any outsider information and quotes are specified as to where I got them from. None of my rants are made to be racist or rude to any culture. They are just written about things I don’t like. e.g If I wrote a post saying ‘I hate —- religion.’ (I don’t hate any by the way. All my friends are from different ethnic and religious backgrounds.) That would very clearly be out of line and racist. If I was to say. ‘I don’t like the way guides is still focused a lot around christianity.’ That is not racist but an acceptable opinion and view. Just because I have written the rant does not mean it is the truth for everything and just because I’ve written it very clearly does not mean you have to believe it. In fact if you don’t like what it’s about, just don’t read it. It’s that simple.

Stronger language may be used but rarely and usually pointed out by a notice at the beginning of posts. It is usually the smaller rude words such as the less rude ‘c’ word and ‘s’ word.

Any Problems? Contact me at zebookblogger@gmail.com or use the contact form provided below.

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