Review Policy (Important Stuff.)


My ranking system is done with Cups of Tea. I don’t think I need to specify what each tea means. The more cups of tea you have, the better the book is. It is done with 0 Cups of Tea being the worst and  being the best. Remember that ranking books can be difficult. The more important thing on the review is the actual self-written review

Cup of TeaCup of TeaCup of TeaCup of TeaCup of Tea

Authors and Publishers:

Before you decide you want me to review your book please read all the information as it can make things difficult when people don’t.

If you would like me to review your book then please contact me with the subject something like ‘ reviews’ or ‘review request’. My email address is Before you do contact me please remember that my reviews are done fairly and truthfully. If I do not like the book I will say so. If I love the book I will also say so.

I will accept only physical copies of the books though they can be ARC’s, proof copies or finished copies. If I want to quote from the book in the review I will specify. If it is  part of a series and is not the first of the series I will require the first few books unless of course I have read them. Just ask me if I had and I will tell you.

Remember that if you send me an ebook or another format of computerized copy, I will  deny it as staring at a computer screen for hours on end is not that comfortable and you will not get it back.

I am perfectly happy to work with self-published authors as an author is an author, just because they published themselves does not make them any worse than any other author. They still have to go through the same process so please read all the text on this page to avoid any confusion.
Currently I will not be accepting review requests from self-published authors due to a large to-read list. Sorry!

Spoilers may be revealed after a warning. If you don’t want me to reveal any then yet again just tell me. I am happy to comply with this request.

Review Requests:

When you send me a request for a book review, it does not mean I will do it. In the email I will need:

  •  book title or working title,
  • authors name,
  • publisher,
  • publication date (if not published yet but arranged),
  • synopsis,
  • working cover (jpeg, jpg, pdf, png),
  • links you would like me to include,
  • genre,
  • whether I’m allowed to quote,
  • whether I’m allowed to include spoilers (it will be specified before the spoiler is shown.)
  • Page Number, Approximate

If you can it would be nice to also have the first chapter though that is more of an optional option. On this page there is a list of genres I am most likely to accept although just because it is in the preferred or not preferred category doesn’t mean I will/will not accept it which is why I need the information specified in colours in the email.

If I do not respond within 14 days then please send again as it may have gotten lost or something. If I don’t want to do the review, I will always answer you honestly .


Reviews will always be subject to change whenever I like. I promise that all reviews will be written honestly and fairly with as much detail as possible. I will never make rude or hurtful comments about the author or publisher in the review. I will however write helpful criticism on the book if I feel it is needed, remember that a book review is an opinion so though I hope you will hold the review valuable, don’t get to hooked up on it if I disliked the book.

A review will take a maximum of three months to be posted and i will send you a notification via email with the link once posted.

If you don’t want me to publish it until a certain date then I understand and please send me the acceptable date in the request email.

Quoting My Reviews:

I am perfectly happy with you quoting my reviews but understand that if you do quote my reviews it must be positive and you should notify me in advance, I also want you to specify that it was my blog and if online then include a link to this blog.

A review will contain:

  • Title, Author Publisher etc…
  • A rating
  • Thoughts on the cover (Depends, sometimes I don’t sometimes I do, though never judge a book by its cover, in other words, it’s not entirely necessary.) If you definitely do or don’t want me to include a cover review then just say.
  • Things like number of pages, author genres and publisher. If the pages isn’t available it’s fine.
  • Link to amazon and waterstones
  • My review

Promotion of My Review:

The reviews will only ever be posted on this site. If you would like it posted on, Waterstones, Twitter. Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube,  Goodreads or any other site then all you have to do is ask.

To Help you here are the genres I read (remember that just because your book is in one of these doesn’t make me interested. This is why i suggest sending me the book blurb first.):

  • Fantasy
  • Dystopian
  • Science Fiction
  • Manga
  • Werewolf
  • Romance
  • Teen Fic
  • YA Fic
  • Mystery/Thriller

Genre’s I do not read. (If you want you can still send me the book blurb, who knows,  may be surprised?)

  • Non-Fic
  • Adult
  • Comedy
  • Vampire
  • Self Help
  • Horror
  • Religious Texts (I am atheist so nothing against religion but I just don’t find it interesting. Most of my friends are religious in case you think I’m being racist.)
  • R-Rated (This is the only genre where I am pretty sure I do not want to read, not even a maybe like the rest of the genres.)


Email Layout, (Optional though much appreciated if you use it.)

This is the preferred email layout, please copy and paste into your email and fill out. if you don’t want to use it, it is still fine but keep the information requested in the email.

  • Authors Name:
  • Publication Company:
  • Publication Date (Optional if unpublished.):
  • Book Title/Working Title: 
  • Pages (approx is O.K):
  • Genre:
  • Synopsis:
  • Cover/Working Cover:
  • Links to be shown at end of review (optional):
  • Sights to be published on. (e.g your own website, publishers site…)
  • First Chapter (Optional):
  • Date for Review to be published (Optional):
  • Other Images like maps and stuff (Optional)
  • Other. extra important or not important bits and bobs (Optional):

My Email Address:                                               Link to Contact Page

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