Book vs E-Books – Rants in My Pants

Books vs Ebooks

This months rant features the long ongoing debate, which is better? Books, or E books? Before we start I will point out my bias towards physical copies of books. I love books: the way they feel in your hands, the smell, the pleasure you get when walking into a book store and being able to study each book to decide the one that will come home with me. E books take away the entire process and could soon annihilate it. People are becoming so dependent on e books that book shops are having to close down all over. Also I have a huge collection of books, if I want them on my e book device I would have to re-buy every single chosen book I have (which is a lot). Also future books would have to go through the dilemma of physical or electronic? Which would I buy it on. I would only ever use the electronic version on holiday but then I would also want the physical copy for home. If you can’t charge your ebook then you can’t even read your books anyway.

This will be a very short rant ending with an infographic explaining why book are better than ebooks.


Why Do Directors Change Our Books? – Rants in My Pants

WARNING: Contains a mild swear word. (At least I think it's a swear word, any way, WARNING, WARNING.)

Why do directors change our books

This constantly irritates me when directors and screen play writers decide to change books for their adaptations onto screen. We have seen this happen in City of Bones and I am number four. Both books which went south very quickly. I’m not saying the movies weren’t good but it is difficult for someone who has read the book to watch the movie and not complain about every little detail they changed. But these weren’t little details, no no, these were huge details that I feel ruined the movies.

It’s no wonder authors are wary about selling rights to movie companies. Look at John green for example, the movie ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ almost didn’t even get made.

About two weeks after the book came out, my brother and I were [in Los Angeles] for a tour event and Wyck [Godfrey] came backstage and said, ‘We’re going to make a movie where the girl has tubes in her nose in almost every frame of the movie, and where the lead romantic male is an amputee, and it’s going to be a movie about people but it will be a movie about people who aren’t defined by their disability. They are going to be complex, rich characters and we think we can make a really faithful adaptation of your book.’

And so they managed to connvice John Green of the movie

But overall, authors have to be incredibly persistent in getting their movies to be accurate. But why should authors have to fight for their stories to remain as they had originally written? It is their story. To be honest with you i don’t know why authors don’t make sure contracts let them have the final say in the screenplay to make sure they are accurate. I am sure any author would want to make sure they had this say, so why don’t they?

The sequel to the worldwide phenomenon ‘The Mortal Instruments’ ‘City of Ashes’ was delayed in filming due to the lack of blockbuster opening. Cassandra Clare responded, saying:

The draft screenplay she saw was “very far from the book” and that the original schedule would not have allowed time for changes, and she thought the delay could be good.

In fact I feel sorry for her because we all also wonder, what was going on with Clary’s hair? When someone says they have natural red hair it means they have ginger hair, so why was Clary’s hair a brownish red? Not even a brownish ginger but it was clear it had been dyed. Has every one heard how Harald Zwart won’t be directing the equel if it ever gets made as he would like to ‘have a change’. We all know what that means. He messed up and is too embarrassed to own up to his own crappy work. You too D.J Caruso, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

But at the same time, congratulations Josh Boone, you have made an amazing book adaptation and you should be proud that you stand about all the other crappy directors.

To sum up everything, I would become a director for the pure reason of making sure my beloved books were Not Changed under any circumstances. Every director who has messed up these adaptations should be sued for vandalising these pieces of art.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day. xxx

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