Surprise Post #1

What Makes you Want to Put a Book Down?

surprise post #1

(even I didn’t know it was going to happen!)

O.K so I’ve just gone into year ten and am starting coursework for GCSE’s. I have been so busy that I’ve barely read at all (unless you count revision books.) so I have decided to write about something I would like your opinions on. What makes you put a book down?

We’ve all done it, just admit it. At some point, for whatever reason, however big or small, we’ve decided that we can no longer read what we’re reading and put it down. I have therefore decided to create a list of some of those points. feel free to comment any points I may have missed out.

This blog was inspired by, believe it or not, an English teacher when we were looking at what makes a good book and they kept choosing the cliched opinions, some of which actually make me want to put the book down instead. So first of all, I did some research online about this topic and here were the statistics I found which I have found an info graphic on.

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So those are the statistics and opinions from goodreads. Here are a few of my pet peeves and other quirks. Just to say that even if it is included in the info graphic, if it is one of my pet peeves then it’s going in:

  • Way too many POVs and characters. I like reading from different Points of view and a good range of characetrs is nice but sometimes a writer goes overboard with the amount of point of views. Especially if you have around fifteen main characters which all switch points pov without telling you every paragraph or so.
  • Like a snail. If you want me to read your story make sure something i happening maximum by chapter five. By chapter five I expect there to at least be a build up instead of nothingness.
  • One thing that is rather stupid but I still don’t like is when a new character is introduced that makes the main character look stupid or just I don’t like them. in the middle of books new characters are sometimes added. If this happens during the first say five chapters when there is already an established group of main characters, I get annoyed thinking that the original MCs (main characters) are being ‘over thrown’. (By the way, I am slowly trying to get out of this habit and am rereading books in which I put them down because of this.)
  • Main male characters who make the female secondary or main characters seem overly weak and fragile. This seems to happen a fair amount of times in books with male leads and sometimes even female leads. This is when the male in the book will make the female seem stupid, weak, insignificant etc. And for some reason, people seem to like this thinking it makes the male seem strong. No. No it doesn’t. This doesn not happen all the time but happens enough to be added to this list.